Monday, May 16, 2011

Etsy Shop: Breathe Couture

This month I have been sharing shops from the website Etsy. During this US recession this website made up of small shops selling handmade goods & vintage items, has climbed in sales! I have found that the generation at hand, full of artist & creative spirits were almost prepared for the starving artist lifestyle. This can't be said for the shop I'm featuring this week.

Breathe Couture may or may not be true couture, but let's face it either are all those Juicy Couture sweat suits. The Etsy shop Breathe Couture is a Vintage and Handmade inspiration. Flipping through Etsy shops page after page so often they seem to carry trend and look the same, not so for this whimsical favorite. I have not yet found a shop that I enjoyed so much. Looking through the website is exciting and becomes apparent this sweet and charming shop hasn't even neared full potential.

This amazing imaginative shop takes vintage materials and fabrics remaking them to make your modern fantasies come to life.  The vintage inspired looks and care free will to play vibes make for a truly unique feel.  Breathe Couture is the perfect touch to give any wardrobe.

I have not yet discovered the name behind the designs, reading through her descriptions you get a great feel for her love of creativity, fantasy, & play.  One of her 'steam punk' looks she comments, "I think Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter would love this dress! ;)"

Breathe Couture's ability to carry a theme and continue to stay true to her mission statement throughout her collection will definitely have her gaining ground over other designers. The photography and settings of her photos capture the feel & lifestyle of the clothing making it easier for her cliental to identify with her collection.

Jewels galore sprinkled on ribbon, lace, & ruffles. This shop is a must visit for every girl young to classic. Beautiful garments and accessories like this will have you floating around making everyday a good day. Look over more designs below and be sure to check out Breathe Couture's Etsy Shop to view her collection of over 100 items.

Hope you all enjoy browsing and be sure to check back Mondays & Wednesdays for new posts on keeping you updated on where to find one of a kind items that will meet all your unique style needs.

Peace and Love,
Melinda Kristine

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Etsy Shop: Jack Handmake

Hello Thailand! Summer of the 'Free Land' and 'The Land of Smile', this exotic destination is known for beauty, breathtaking views and now the shop that is bringing this seasons Hippie Rocker Chic goods. Feathered Hair, Leather Tassels, and Tribal tradition looks have flown in. Some of the styles that are being worn are reminiscent of 70's rock inspired looks, I think we've all seen the feathers in Steven Tyler's hair. Moccasins are still being thrown on post winter, and sandals continue to look like a page out of the history books, inspired by the Aztecs, Native Americans, and Gladiators of Rome.

This Spring/Summer 2011 season has a lot of repeat trends, but collision of the Hippie/Rocker is quite a bit more aggressive this season. So, if you’re looking to update your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd I have found the perfect shop for you. Jack Hand Make is an adorable Etsy Boutique, hand goods straight from Thailand to spice up your life.

Many will enjoy wearing all of the dresses you already enjoy in your closet, but can you say the same for your handbags? Get inspired and feel like you just got back from an exotic vacation with these designs from Jack.

Handstitched Leather Purse

Handmade Leather Purse with Snake Skin

Lucy Handstitched Leather Purse

Footwear designs have not really changed much since the last time you had to buy, however if your anything like me (active) your sandals may be in desperate need of a facelift or solelift (bad joke) You could take them in to get repaired, but the scuffs from last summer’s bonfire probably aren’t coming out. My suggestion is stand out from the crowd, maxi dresses will be again a big splash, however if you have a great pair of stems show them off! There are so many great cotton short cotton dresses pair them with some one of a kind Thailand delivered sandals and you’ve got style baby!

Joplin Handstitched Leather Sandals

Joplin Handstitched Leather Sandals

Jack Hand Make is an easy way to grab a little paradise on a small budget. Snagging uber cute pieces like this wardrobe will be sure to give it some oomph, and all while making it that much simpler to get dressed in the morning. You can’t go wrong with a exotic handbag and tribal sandals.

Peace and Love,

Melinda Kristine

Jack Hand Make Shoes

Friday, May 6, 2011

Etsy Shop: Jennifer Casady

Etsy is like being in a big online mall for art, with so many pretty, shiny things, you can easily get caught up browsing for hours. Etsy provides its users with a treasury function, you can build and create a treasury or look through them. Treasuries are a great way to find favorite items and new shops, this is how I found todays mentioned shop.

Jennifer Casady's Shop is made up of well-designed jewelry, with beautifully created necklaces. It's not very often that you can find such simplicity so beautiful. The well-crafted pieces are so wonderfully made that you will find yourself looking over the details again and again. These creations are made with minimal pieces. The jewelry continues to carry amazing detail with every pendant and charm. The gemstones are tastefully chosen, and displayed on 14k gold and silver chains.

Jennifer Casady's designs are precious and elegant. To find more of these self proclaimed artisian designs, that are timeless and classic. Visit Jennifers Casady's Shop on Etsy. These understated charming little peices are a great companion for this spring and summer's wardrobe.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Style Journal: Etsy a Community of Artist

Etsy an online shop community, think Ebay but no bidding, a lot more personal, and remove all the junk (well most). Etsy is a place that Artists can open up a shop and sell their Handmade Goods, Art Supplies, and Vintage Items.  The whole community has a great positive vibe.  Most merchants are very friendly, and the Etsy experience is simple and quite enjoyable.

Thinking about shopping online? Always looking for new inventive fun items for your house or wardrobe? Do adore owning stand out items that all your friends rave about? You should be an Etsy shopper!

Etsy isn't new, although many are just now discovering it. The community was launched in 2005 and is approaching its 6th Birthday in June. In 2010, seven million registered users were reported and close to 400 million dollars worth of transactions had taken place.

The Individuals that shop online, shop Mom and Pop (small business stores), or if you enjoy uniquly designed items, this is for you.  Also something to note, at there are many green movements and one could see why with Vintage now being chic.  You can find clothing, jewelry, art, and furniture all hand crafted.  It's a great place to support artist and find items that will inspire you everyday of the week.

Great styling Items from MamaStaub's Collection

This month I will be showcasing and sharing some of my favorite shops, designs,and items.  There are a lot of options so I'll be sharing tips on how I search and what I look for when I buy.  One of the funnest things about Etsy is watching creative ideas and items come to life.  Etsy makes a place for the seller to display 5 photos of every item, it's here they have the oppurtunity to bring their merchandise to life and capture your attention. It is quite interesting to see how these individuals style their photos and items.

Till next Time! Peace & Love,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear Followers:

Hello! Sorry to all who were asking where day 3 was, it was very rude to leave you hanging, like that.  I recently had some issues come up with my blog, had not continued fourth w/ the 7 days of white.  I have had sometime to evaluate the direction of my writings and am working on bringing better and more informative material. 

Often I have people ask me, "Melinda can I wear this?' and "What can I wear this with?" I wanted to create a place where individuals could find inspiration for creating their wardrobes.  Magazines make it too difficult to figure out what is reality and dress up & often leave readers confused.  Some of us pick up magazines and are truely inspired and wanna know where we can get all that stuff they show.

That is where Blogging, Look Books, Style TIps, and Shopping Secrets came in.  I wanna build a bridge for the few that don't hit up the magazine rack every week, or a bridge from what we find in the magazines to how to incorperate it into your own style.

This month I'll be working on NEW spring looks, posting my favorite online boutiques, and sharing where to pick up the most awsome accessories to fit your personal one of a kind styles.

Thanks for hanging in there and I'll chat with you soon!

Peace & Love,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Words of Style

Break out, get going experiment! Style is not a rut, it's a constant evolving flow of artistic expression & invention, jump in...and bring as much jewelry as you can.

Back to Basics

Let's talk basics, shall we? If I told you there was a magic little number of pieces to keep in your wardrobe would you believe me? If I said that having these specific items in your closet would solve all your morning hassle of getting ready would you listen? If I told you keeping 14 pairs of underwear and throwing out the rest of them could solve your clutter problems would you laugh? I would.

This amazing Economy fall, yes that's right I said amazing, has really brought back a perspective of living without. An understanding of what living on 'basics' truly means, and has re-taught quite a lot of us to regroup and refocus on what is important in life.

Although you probably weren't expecting to hear that on a STYLE blog, none the less it is true, that said, it hasn't stopped us from craving self-expression, but only redirected it. It hasn't stopped women from shopping on lunch breaks or while meeting up with their girlfriends; it's only made us aware of price tags. It hasn't stopped us from wanting more just more understanding of what more should look like, and teaching us self control (well some of us).

Truth is WOMEN are WOMEN, the magic number you carry in your wardrobe depends on you as an individual, who you are, what you do, where you live, how you spend your time. There are some specific items that if kept in the closet, and utilized well CAN solve some morning hassle, and well sure if you kept 14 pairs of underwear that drawer would probably close easier, but for some I can imagine you’d run out of clean underwear pretty often. (Disgusted? The truth is disgusting at times.)

So let me offer some help to some of you who have what you need, but don't use it, and others who can't figure out what you need and keep losing. Losing your money, mind, and patience in front of the mirror ever day.

 Let me introduce to you, the basic white tee! GASP! Okay I know you've already been introduced, but seriously how many times a week do the two of you have an encounter, not enough. I understand if you want to tell me you're not a 'white' kind of girl, I do have breaking news there is a cousin yes, a cousin the basic black tee, YIPPIE! Often we get so caught up with trying to wear fashion we let fashion wear us. Style is what should be the day to day goal, personal style while we're at it, nothing says, "I've got Style", more then someone who can confidently wear a white tee and look good doing it. White is in, but when did it really ever leave? If I only had two choices of items to have in my closet, it would be a great fitting white tee, and then a toss-up between my black stilettos and favorite jeans. White tees can be integrated into any wardrobe, style or trend. So take a deep breath and be excited! You probably have a gazillion outfits in your wardrobe right now that you are probably not making good use of, but hey you will be soon.

Designs & Logos are a little dated, no more walking around like a human billboard or searching for something to match the t-shirt design for 20 minutes. The time has come to embrace basics and the freedom that comes with it. Classic Clothing is what our closets are being restored with.

The white tee is something hopefully every girl has in her closet, and personally I can't get enough basics and classic staples. As I mentioned earlier, the 'white tee' has a cousin and now I'd like to introduce you to her sister, the white collared tee. White collared tee is often looked at as something you only wear to the office or boardroom meeting, but this casual little pleasure can take any outfit from plain to casual and beautiful with ease. When looking for basic white tees, collared or not, look for great details like pockets, buttons, and stitching, as all these add up for extra style points. Check out some of these casual great outfits with the 'basic tee'.

And here are a couple recipes for Insta Style to show you all how it's done….

 Gorgeously done…And all while keeping it ultra simple.

And for my girls who are all about embracing basics and just can't quite bring themselves to diving into white, yet.

For many of you this might have been just what was needed to reinvent your wardrobe with key pieces you already have, I know it was for me. For others this may have been a way to figure out just how to put together some key looks you've been dishing on. Whatever the outcome, we can all agree the trends of the basics are awesome! Time saving and money saving, yippie! Most importantly have fun and spice it up to be your own, don't forget accessories!

Peace & Love,
Melinda Kristine

Ps. This week I'll be updating with 7 days of the White Tee, showing how classic and timeless pieces are never outdated.